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Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing 6”x6”

ENLUXTRA "Any Wound" - Functionally Self-Adaptive Dressing
Simple, Inexpensive Yet Highly Advanced Wound Care

List Price: $200.00
Sales price: $184.79
Discount: $-15.21
Manufacturer: OSNovative Systems, Inc.

Product SKU: AWD-5-1515


ENLUXTRA "Any Wound" Functionally Self-Adaptive Dressing is the first dressing that is capable to sense the wound's need and to act in accordance with it. If a wound or even part of it changes its state while the Self-Adaptive Dressing is on, the dressing will automatically and reversibly change its function at this particular area.


  • Dressing material acts according to the feedback from the underlying wound tissues.
  • Maceration AND desiccation prevention. Dynamically balances the evolving moist wound environment, providing hydration or absorption depending on the needs of wound and peri-wound skin.
  • Self-Adaptive dressing supports granulation, re-epithelialization and new skin remodeling simultaneously within the wound, which results in less scarring and improves appearance.
  • Absorbs 1500% of its own weight and locks the fluid in. The absorbed exudate is not released under high pressure (body weight) or compression wrap.
  • Painless. Non-adhering to the wound. Reduces odor.
  • Has outstanding mechanical integrity.
  • Serves as a microbial and strike through barrier.
  • Does not support bacterial growth in the wound or inside itself.
  • Self-Adaptive Dressing outperforms and makes most single-function dressings obsolete.
  • Stays up to 7 days.
  • Easy application.

Quantity: 10 per box

Size: 6" x 6"

  • Multi-functional Super Absorbent Material - absorbs any level of exudate from exuding parts of the wound while hydrating dry parts.
  • Creates and continually maintains moist healing environment in any wound and wound's different parts - both exuding and dry.
  • Prevents skin maceration and wound bed desiccation.
  • Extraordinary vertical absorption and reliable exudate lock-in function, no leakage when pressure is applied.
  • Non-adherent, pain-free. Supports autolytic debridement. Comes in sizes 6"x6", 4"x4", 2"x2"


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I really like the rollater cover, a little pricey, but what I wanted.

Lillian R.
Aug 08, 2017