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Top End Pro Basketball Chair

Super quick adjustments allows you to stay at the top of your game
Top End Pro Basketball Chair

List Price: $2,395.00
Sales price: $2,099.00
Discount: $-296.00
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Manufacturer: Invacare

Product SKU: SPBB +Options


The Top End Pro is a basketball player's dream chair. It features high performance sports wheels, high pressure clincher tires, quick release axles, adjustable height fixed swivel ant-tip with a 58mm fifth wheel and a smart fork caster system equipped with super hard 72mm front casters. This durable and attractive chair will stand up to whatever you throw at it with its fixed camber and fully welded aluminum base. Additionally, this chair has adjustable front seat height, center of gravity, back height/angle, back upholstery and footrest positioning: fore/aft, up/down, angle The chair adjusts in the blink of an eye, which is a nice change from the way other basketball chairs operate.

This chair is in a class of its own because it allows you to adjust it to your own unique specifications in just 15 minutes, instead of the up to 4 hours that it could take with other chairs. Combine this with an adjustable footrest that allows you to get into the game either with your feet out (and secured by the toe stop and strap) or tucked securely away, and you have a chair that always comes up as a winner.


  • Adjustable platform footrests allows feet to be tucked where needed
  • Toe stop and strap keep feet in place
  • Available in tall (adult) or short (pediatric) frame
  • Welded 4-bend wing helps with the fast breaks
  • High-performance sports wheels with high pressure tires


  • Custom aluminum frame
  • Offensive 4 bend wing
  • Adjustable front and rear seat heights
  • Anti-tip/fifth wheel: Adjustable height
  • Fixed back
  • Adjustable back height
  • Adjustable tension back upholstery
  • Adjustable Center-of-Gravity
  • Rear seat height adjustment range is 6" and the frame is available in a tall or short variety to accommodate every aspiring athlete
  • Fixed camber: 15º, 18º or 20º
  • High performance Sun®wheels
  • Anodized pushrims
  • High pressure clincher tires
  • Smart fork caster system
  • 72mm casters
  • Adjustable platform footrest
  • Powder coat paint
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • Quick release lever allows the player to change his or her rear seat height in just minutes


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I really like the rollater cover, a little pricey, but what I wanted.

Lillian R.
Aug 08, 2017