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SugarCane Offset Handle

The Nova SugarCane is the ultimate cane solution and fashion accessory.

List Price: $29.95
Sales price: $29.95

Manufacturer: Nova

Product SKU: Nova S1070 + options


The Nova SugarCane is the ultimate cane solution and fashion accessory. The offset shape provides excellent support for the wrist, the soft grip is comfortable for the hands and the strap is super convenient. The Quad Tip base stands the SugarCane upright on flat surfaces, provides great stability, traction and pivot on uneven and sloped terrain, and helps to reduce strain on the hand and wrist.


  • Fade and chip resistant patterns
  • Quad Tip base
  • Soft Grip
  • Strap


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Weight: 1.15 lbs
  • Height Adjustment: 28.5" - 39.5"
  • Tip Size: Quad Tip
  • Material: Aluminum

Colors: (in order shown)

  • Black - S1070BK, Butterfly - S1070BS, Camouflage - S1070CF, Houndstooth - S1070HT, Leopard - S1070LP,
  • Maui Flowers - S1070MF, Pink Garden - S1070PG, Blue Waves - S1070PL, Walnut Grain - S1070WN


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I'm very satisfied with my brace. I did think it took a little too long to receive it considering I spent almost as much for shipping as the item cost. <p> RESPONSE:<br> Delivery time was within reason, but may had been a day quicker. There is a business day turnaround, & s...

Oct 04, 2017