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Transcend EZEX

Transcend EZEX is a fully-featured CPAP with EZEX technology that provides pressure relief on exhalation for more breathing comfort.

List Price: $679.00
Sales price: $479.00
Discount: $-200.00

Mobile Power Adapter

Transcend Air Inlet Filter

Heated Humidification Upgrade

Manufacturer: Transcend

Product SKU: Transcend 503066 +Options


The Transcend EZEX Sleep Apnea Therapy CPAP System is the world's smallest, lightest CPAP machine complete with accessories in one kit. Transcend is extremely quiet for its small size. Engineered with a vibration-free blower, Transcend only makes 26.6 dBA of sound. Weighing less than 1 pound, Transcend devices are easy to pack and carry.


  • Small, fully-featured CPAP
  • Transcend EZEX™ pressure relief technology
  • TranSync compatible
  • Most innovative & portable CPAP in the world
  • Weighs less than one pound

What's Included:

  • 1) Transcend Auto unit
  • 2) Standard 6-foot hose
  • 3) Universal hose adapter
  • 4) Multi-plug universal power supply
  • 5) Changeable plug pack
  • 6) Transcend Travel bag
  • 7) Transcend Auto Quick Guide
  • 8) USB Cable


  • Therapy Mode: Fixed-pressure
  • Dimensions: 15.5cm x 8.9cm x 7.1cm
  • Weight: 426g
  • Sound Pressure: 26.6 dB
  • Operating Pressure: (4-20 cmH20)
  • EZEX pressure relief:  settings 1,2,3
  • Ramp (0-45 min), adjustable
  • Automatic altitude adjustment = 2,438m
  • Power Supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, I9VDC, 2.6 Amp
  • Air filter: Disposable filter media
  • Operating range: 5° - 35° C, 10% - 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Storage/transport range: -20° - 60°C, 10% - 90% relative humidity, non condensing
  • Warranty: Mfg. 3 year

Not Included (Sold Seperately):

  • Heated Humidifier
  • Mobile Power Adapter
  • P4 Battery // P8 Battery
  • Base Station
  • LCS Programming Base Station
  • Portable Solar Battery Charger

Compliance Data:

  • AHI & leak detect
  • Total therapy hours
  • Therapy sessions: adjustable settings, default ≥ 8 hours, 6 hours, and 4 hours
  • Total blower hours
  • 13 month daily compliance storage
  • Adjustable date range selection
  • Summary data (unlimited, adjustable range)
  • Detailed data (unlimited, adjustable range)

Data Options:

  • Transfer via USB with Transcend Software
  • Email-capable data
  • TranSync wireless compliance


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I'm very satisfied with my brace. I did think it took a little too long to receive it considering I spent almost as much for shipping as the item cost. <p> RESPONSE:<br> Delivery time was within reason, but may had been a day quicker. There is a business day turnaround, & s...

Oct 04, 2017