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EBI Bone Healing System®

Following a fracture, your doctor may diagnose
nonunion and prescribe the EBI Bone Healing System®
to help your fracture nonunion heal. The EBI Bone
Healing System® is a proven, safe and effective device
that consists of an anatomically configured the
EBI Bone Healing System®

List Price: $6,095.00
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Discount: $-1,900.25
Manufacturer: Biomet



By prescribing the EBI Bone Healing System®, your doctor has taken advantage of an adjunctive non invasive treatment to aid in the healing of your facture nonunion. The EBI Bone Healing System® promotes normal healing by inducing weak pulsing electrical signals at the nonunion fracture site. These signals are generated by a low energy electromagnetic field created by passing specific electrical current pulses through a flexible therapeutic treatment coil. A specific electrical current is delivered to the coil by the control unit. The coil then delivers the therapeutic electromagnetic signal to the nonunion fracture site.
Easy To Use and Operate

You can treat with the EBI Bone Healing System® using one of the anatomically configured FLX Flexible Treatment Coils. The flexible treatment coil may be incorporated into a cast, over a cast or brace, or applied directly to the skin when a cast is not utilized. You must follow the treatment schedule prescribed by your doctor which is normally ten (10) hours per day. It is very important that you treat with the EBI Bone Healing System® for the recommended ten (10) hours per day. If you are unable to treat for ten continuous hours, it is recommended that you break up the total treatment time into multiple treatment sessions. The EBI Bone Healing System® can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription. Upon receiving your EBI Bone Healing System® you will receive a User Manual containing complete instructions. Your compliance with these instructions will contribute to the successful outcome of your treatment.
System Advantages

•The EBI Bone Healing System® currently offers twenty (20) anatomically configured flexible treatment coils to accommodate virtually every long bone nonunion fracture and failed fusion site in the appendicular system
•The EBI Bone Healing System® is the only non-invasive bone stimulation device approved for three indications: nonunions, failed fusions, and congenital pseudarthrosis in the appendicular system
•More than one million Biomet Non-invasive Stimulation devices have been prescribed

EBI Bone Healing System® - Model 2001


The EBI Bone Healing System® - Model 2001 - P790002/S022 is indicated for the treatment of fracture nonunions, failed fusions, and congenital pseudarthrosis in the appendicular system.

These device systems are durable therapeutic electrical devices intended for single patient use only under a prescription. Federal Law (U.S.A.) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Rx Only - Prescription Only - Single Use Only - Not for Re-Sale or Re-Distribution - Do Not Reuse.


Nonunion fractures in which a synovial pseudarthrosis (fluid filled gap) exists. Under certain conditions, electromagnetic stimulation could inhibit the output of some demand pacemakers or implantable defibrillators. Therefore, it is not recommended for patients with certain types of pacemakers or implantable defibrillators. Patients should be cautioned to avoid coming in close proximity to pacemaker or defibrillator wearers during stimulation. Use of these device systems on pregnant patients has not been evaluated; therefore, it is not recommended in these cases.


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I really like the rollater cover, a little pricey, but what I wanted.

Lillian R.
Aug 08, 2017