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FELTastic™ Callus Protectors™

The PediFix FELTastic™ Callus Protectors™ comfort and protect calluses, blisters, and other foot irritations.
FELTastic™ Callus Protectors™
FELTastic™ Callus Protectors™
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Manufacturer: PediFix

Product SKU: PediFix P16


The PediFix FELTastic™ Callus Protectors™ comfort and protect calluses, blisters, and other foot irritations. Absorb pressure and friction to ease pain and help prevent callus build-up. Self-adhesive backings allow positioning on skin or inside shoes. Scissor-trim for a custom fit.


  • Protect sore spots from pressure
  • Reduce friction & irritation
  • Prevent callus build-up
  • Make shoes more comfortable
  • Self-adhesive
  • Protect sensitive areas on heels, toes and ball of foot.
  • 8 per pack

Sizes: One Size Fits All

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The staff (I think it was Jason or James) spent almost two hours going above and beyond helping me and my mom with some oxygen concentrator issues. The staff was extremely caring, compassionate, and informative.

Apr 28, 2016