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Bunion SoftSplint™

The Bunion SoftSplint™ helps Soothe & Comfort Painful Bunions

List Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer: PediFix

Product SKU: Pedifix P6026


The Bunion SoftSplint™ has a soft, fabric splint helps align and straighten crooked toes while worn. Helps soothe and comfort painful bunions, stretch tight tendons and ligaments while you rest or sleep. Recommended by foot specialists to patients who don’t need or want bunion surgery. Also prescribed as a post-operative splint to speed healing. Intended primarily for use while resting or sleeping. Fits only in very spacious shoes, not typical footwear.


  • Helps Soothe & Comfort Painful Bunions
  • Recommended to Patients Who Don't Want Bunion Surgery
  • Maintains Proper Toe Alignment
  • Stretches & Strengthens Foot Muscles, Ligaments
  • Works While you Rest or Sleep, or in Spacious Shoes
  • 1 per pack

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large (available in Left and Right)

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James and the crew are awesome. Very professional and helpful. They made this a very painless and easy process. I will be happy to recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work.

Aug 06, 2016